Laboratoires Kuryosity

Kuryosity is a laboratory specialized in the research and development of exclusive, natural and innovative cosmetics formula for prestigious companies and brands, as well as for its own cosmetics products. The laboratory is located near Paris, in France. Since 1994, Kuryosity has developed several cosmetic patents, prestigious in this field, and has won prizes such as the INPI Trophy for its work relating to depigmentation. The laboratory also produces ingredients that are used in its formulations.


Kuryosity is developing unique cosmetics formulas, from the research of the best ingredients to the production.


Forget about using harmful chemicals. Our specialty is to develop safe cosmetics with natural ingredients.


Our experts are constantly searching for the latest technologies and ingredients to create innovative cosmetics.

French & International clients

Kuryosity is led by a team of French expert specialised in cosmetic formulation who has worked many years for famous cosmetics firms namely Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Bioderma, Kanebo or Merck Laboratories. At Kuryosity, cosmetic is compared to a culinary art: it is the art to accommodate the products together so as to create the perfect recipe. A lot of passion and a certain vision of beauty and nature in our researches lead to the development of unique cosmetic and dermatological formula, adapted to our local clients skin and environment. That’s the reason why we work for clients in French, but also in China, Japan or Central Asia.


Innovative and international, we produce our cosmetics in France but also in Central Asia where we have a production site in joint venture with one of our client.







Creation of Chemicals Alternative

Christian Dampeirou, member of the scientific committee, has always made the consumer protection is priority. Our team has created several natural ingredients including the famous Inebact, result of a long-lasting research to attain perfection.