Cosmetics Laboratory

    Laboratoire Français indépendant

    Independent French laboratory specialized in design and innovation.

  • Laboratory of reasonable

    and reasoned cosmetic products

  • For 20 years, we've been working

    with passion for your products to be highly valuable.

  • Not just a laboratory

    an experienced partner at the service of your brand.

Kuryosity products

Take a glimpse inside the world of the Laboratory, discover exclusive formulas for skincare and cosmetic products.

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Welcome to Kuryosity

KURYOSITY is an independent laboratory that has been established for 30 years in the Oise area, near Paris.

Kuryosity laboratory specializes in designing and producing cosmetics in France and worldwide. Our teams support and advise professionals in the luxury and pharmaceutical sectors.

The innovation department works in the research and development field to create exclusive and innovative formulas, enhance the effectiveness of each product and make them unique.

Kuryosity laboratory is committed to implementing an eco-friendly process that complies with social standards thanks to a reasonable and reasoned production.

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Our values, a second nature

Respecting <strong>nature</strong>
Respecting nature
Our cosmetic products are reasonable and reasoned, we're using the right active ingredients without polluting.
Respecting <strong>people</strong>
Respecting people
Our teams of men and women who are trained and praised daily for the quality of their commitment are our most valuable resource.
Respecting <strong>customers</strong>
Respecting customers
Finding the best process to maintain a win-win partnership is the most important issue.
Respecting <strong>consumers</strong>
Respecting consumers
Quality and effectiveness of the active ingredients prevail when developing products.

We use our values to take care of you